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IMC Bartender: Endless Possibilities In Bar Design

For bar, restaurant or club, Bartender provides the most stylish and hardest-working solution, round the clock. It may be invisible to customers, but they’ll see the difference in faster service, less harassed staff, and an all-round better atmosphere. Installing Bartender is a business investment that will show returns day and night, week in, week out. Configured to maximise staff productivity and efficiency – and therefore turnover of customers – Bartender boosts sales and improves profits.

The bar-workstation concept is unique to IMC and epitomised in Bartender. From draught pumps to cocktail ingredients, glasses to cash till, everything is ergonomically positioned to minimise movement of bar staff and maximise serving speed and efficiency.

Bartender By Day

Weekdays mean quick drinks, light snacks. Weekends mean lingering over wine and menus. The atmosphere is bright, light, fresh and busy. Bartender’s clean stainless steel finish reflects the mood. Friendly, efficient; no panic, no pressure.

Bartender By Evening

Nothing should disturb the seamless flow of drinks, food and conversation. Behind the scenes, and behind the bar, Bartender’s flexible configuration lends itself to quiet good service.

Bartender By Night

The music’s loud, the pressure’s on. Everyone’s out for a good time, with no time to waste or wait for slow service. Bartender’s robust construction and maximised storage capacity keep things moving. Bartender units are designed for ease of installation, whether building a bar from scratch or refurbishing. The individual construction of the units makes them easy to replace, or move round to reconfigure the system, with the minimum of disruption or costly downtime. From pints to cocktails, Bartender makes it easy to serve quickly and efficiently. Spacious storage close at hand for chilled bottles, cans and glasses saves time, speeds service, and boosts profits. Our flexible manufacturing resources and expertise, and the comprehensive nature of our Bartender system, enables us to offer custom modifications to many of our standard units. We also offer a free design service on our Bartender and F2 bar systems Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Bartender In Use

IMC F2 Underbar Systems: A Fresh Innovation In Bar Design

F2 is the new and revolutionary stainless steel underbar system that offers a unique blend of quality, flexibility and functionality at an amazingly competitive price.Contemporary curved legs, smooth edges and carefully designed shelving come together to give the unmistakable look of F2.

F2 has been developed for use in all types of venues, including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, sports centres and student unions.F2 is designed with you in mind, to help you create effective workstations, to maximise your staff productivity, boost product sales and increase your profits.

F2 is a modular system so bar design, installation and refurbishment is easy. Underbar workstations can also be replaced, moved or added with a minimum of disruption.Original and stylish form and function come together to make the F2’s specially designed signature worktop drainer. All F2 modules are produced using the latest manufacturing technology and the most up to date materials, meaning they are hard wearing and easy to keep clean.The innovative configuration of F2 maximises storage capacity for glasses and provides design flexibility. F2 allows you to create the perfect underbar system for your business. Stainless steel ensures that F2 blends perfectly in modern style and leisure bars, yet provides the elegance and practicality required in traditional pubs or hotel bars.

IMC Mistral Bottle Coolers

Mistral is the perfect showcase for bottled and canned drinks in restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, giving you stylish, high capacity, high visibility storage and display options. With their sleek, dynamic design, Mistral bottle coolers are the perfect chilled display solution for all types of contemporary and traditional bars.

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